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games championships have narrators, millionaires awards and gather crowds

Disputes in games like League of Legends gather thousands of fanatics from Paris to Porto Alegre

Campeonatos de games têm narradores, prêmios milionários e reúnem multidões Fernando Gomes/Agencia RBS

From the house of the small screen to the big screen gym: the gaming world is becoming more professional. In the picture, the dispute in FIERGS in CapitalFoto: Fernando Gomes / Agencia RBS
One of the major concert halls of Paris, Le Zenith is used to host major pop stars. People like Arcade Fire, Nine Inch Nails and Lady Gaga will show there in the coming months, already sold out. But this weekend, another crowd will cram the site – an eager crowd by fighting between the fiery warrior Brand, the Blitzcrank robot, the archer Ashe and ninja Akali.

Almost a culture apart in the video game universe, electronic sports (or e-sports) are now a tangible reality and booming. In Paris, will meet the world championships teams to play League of Legends (LoL or), fantastic themed game they belong to the characters above. Breaking into a sanctuary of pop music, like Le Zenith, is not new to the game lovers: in October last year, 13 000 enthusiasts packed the Staples Center, Giant’s House Los Angeles Lakers in the final game of the World Championship – which distributed over $ 2 million in prize money and was attended by 32 million people via the internet.

League of Legends is currently the most popular title among players and electronic sports enthusiasts, but any game that allows competition can, in theory, be classified as an e-sport – Jurassic Pac Man to obvious FIFA and Forza Motorsport. The difference is that games like LoL, Dota 2 and Guild Wars (to stay in only three good examples) have been created exclusively for real-time competitions – whether joining a dozen people in a room or gathering hundreds of heads via internet.

Eric Salama, co-founder of Splitplay, the first Brazilian virtual store dedicated to trade games produced in the country, believes the lure of big e-sports was put competition – always inherent in games – focused.

– It was no longer to finish a game or be better than your friends, have a score or best time. The game became more interesting, complex and serious, since fun just was not enough – he says. – And when the championships began to give bigger prizes and big brands in the technology industry began sponsoring teams and events, everyone saw it was different.

Watch a gameplay of the game:

Diego, considerado o “Galvão Bueno” dos games –

E-sport moves Us $ billion in Brazil

The Brazilian market e-sport, although incipient, is seen as a gold mine. According Superdata group report (company specialized in researching the gaming market) is forecast to reach $ 2.6 billion by 2016, largely games account made for competition.

– Brazilians are very sociable and passionate about sports. And we have seen that the growth of our audience – Bruno Vasone points, Player Engagement manager of Riot Games, the company responsible for LoL. – The first official contest of LoL in Campus Party 2012, was attended by a thousand people on the internet. The 2013 championship final was online audience 1.5 million, adding the three days of competition.

The fantasy game, according to his production company, has 1.5 to 2 thousand teams implemented participating from 30 to 50 unofficial tournaments going on every month in Brazil. The Brasileirão, closed to professional teams, brought together nearly 6,000 people during the two days of opening in Porto Alegre, in late April, and will have editions in Fortaleza and Maracanãzinho.

– We’re still not like the United States, which has its own professional league, or South Korea, which broadcasts games on prime time TV, but the future could not be better – defines Vasone.

LoL has Galvão Bueno gaucho
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Players are also harassed as Neymar and co. One of them, Leonardo Recife Belo, the Alocs, 24, lost count of how many autographs and smiles distributed in Porto Alegre. Another idol training is Martin Gonçalves, Espeon, 21, one of the only gauchos who work professionally in e-sport. After locking the Computer Engineer College in UERGS, disbanded to São Paulo, where he became champion Brazil, traveled to Germany twice and now defends the colors of the team Kabum!

– Live depending on the game today. In addition to housing, food and laundry, earned a fixed salary of my team and shot with an extra videos that do to the Internet – says.

The monthly income of an average player is between R $ 1500 and 2000, but high-level professionals can bill up to $ 5 thousand, adding salary, awards and own sponsorships. In Brasileirão LoL, the champion will lead to hefty R $ 100,000.

Leonardo belo (Alocs), dá autógrafos aos fãs – 


Brazilian teams give up accommodation

heavy routine training centers, pressure for better results, tests to go into great teams and to import star players. Like the traditional sports, and sport-search growth and popularity through professionalization.

One of the main Brazilian teams, the Kabum! It began as a virtual store information in Limeira (SP). In 2013, he realized the potential of the online gaming market and has assembled a team of League of Legends. WCG Brazil won the tournament and secured place in the international edition of the championship in China.

Another giant, the São Paulo RMA was founded in the late 1990s, when the e-sport even exist in Brazil. Professionalized in 2011, has more than 800 official games in LoL championships, Combat Arms, Counter Strike: Go and Crossfire – the latter played in China, the team earned a fifth place and the status of best Western game team.

Joining a top team requires dedication, talent and perseverance – if the gaucho Martin Gonçalves, Espeon, 21, who played LoL until 13h a day before being hired by Kabum !. About two years left to play for pleasure and started to attend competitive modes.

– In competitive mode, you even being amateur, can play with professionals – Espeon account. – Then, when they need someone to a wave, can remember you. If you like your test, you are in.

Alguns fãs gostam de se caracterizar como os personagens –

Teams with more structure such as Kabum! and the RMA, keep gaming houses, training centers and accommodation. Most players are of legal age, but there are cases of boys 16 or 17 years – which can only enter with express parental consent and are monitored all the time.
There, routine Espeon is pulled – around nine hours a day game outside the professional matches and the time you spend posting the videos themselves on the Internet. The professionalization reached the point of a leading Brazilian teams, Keyd Stars, hire two players from South Korea – the largest power of e-sport.
But if download LoL is free, where does the money to keep this universe? The Kabum! It is sponsored six computer manufacturers. Major brands such as ESPN and Samsung, pay to advertise in international tournaments. The gaming sites selling t-shirts and custom accessories. And there is the microtransactions calls: the virtual store LoL, the millions of fans buy upgrades clothes and weapons for the characters.

E-sport is one thing, sport is another

Even with the professionalism, the way of the e-sport should not meet with the traditional sport. Felipe Della Court, which since 2001 monitors the scene and participated in the preparation of major events, there is no need to mix the two universes:

– I imagine the e-sport growing more like the football league: big teams are emerging, the alloys will be organizing, rises the amount of money invested and increases audience reach. The Super Bowl, for example, is the second most watched event in the world, and not even considering the football entering the Olympics.

More about the game:

– League of Legends is a fighting game with RPG elements, launched in 2009 by Riot Games.

– The game can be downloaded in Portuguese and for free on the official website:

– His character is completely online and facing the multiplayer mode – that is, it was made to be played in groups. Each battle supports two teams of up to five players, who must destroy the enemy base to win.

– The LoL universe is the fantasy with medieval touches, with characters that resemble warriors, witches, pirates, demons and all manner of fantastic creature. As the public is mostly male, the female characters are usually portrayed in summaries and provocative outfits.

– According to Forbes magazine, LoL was the most played computer game in 2012 in North America and Europe, with nearly 1.3 billion hours.

Meet the biggest games of world championships

Today, video games are not just kid stuff. Several players who grew up with video games and decided to dedicate the game turned into a profession. In this matter you will know the largest and most famous world championships, with prizes ranging from trophies to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Jogadores e espectadores vibrando em evento lotado da MLG em 2011 na cidade de Dallas(Foto: Divulgação)Players and spectators vibrating in crowded MLS event in Dallas
Cyberathlete Professional League
CPL or League Cyberatletas Professional was created by Angel Murroz in 1997. The event focuses on FPS competitions, with Counter-Strike and Quake as its main attractions.
Despite the modest start, as the years have passed the competition gained fame and finals are often seen by hundreds of thousands of spectators over the internet.
In 2005 the tournament adopted the world tour model matches the Painkiller game, which yielded a total of US $ 1,000,000.00 in prizes. The big winner, Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel took alone US $ 150,000.00.
Jogadores competindo na turnê mundial do evento (Foto: Reprodução/IGUK)Players competing on the world tour event
This tournament also has an amateur mode, the CAL (Cyberathele Amateur League) or Amateur League of Cyberatletas, with competitions taking place directly over the internet. Registrations remain on average 600 thousand people a year.

In 2010 the event was purchased by Wolong Venture, a company with a long history related to competition and dissemination of games. Disputes often occur in dozens of countries, including in Brazil, but after the sale they failed to happen annually.

World Cyber Games

The World Cyber Games was created in 2000 by the South Korean company World Cyber Games Inc. and sponsored by Samsung and Microsoft. The competition usually try to follow the pattern used in the Olympics, right up the opening event. Winners receive gold coins, silver and bronze.

O grande salão usado na edição de 2004 (Foto: Reprodução/Peter Kaminski)large hall used in the 2004 edition
Since 2011, the WCG is the largest league of e-sports in the world, and often move smaller tournaments in the participating countries, carried out by organizations with the goal of bringing the best players of his country to the world. The event is usually focused on PC and Xbox games such as Counter-Strike, StarCraft, Warcraft, Tekken 6 and the games of the series Forza. The biggest issue happened in 2009 and that year alone, were delivered US $ 500,000,00 prizes.

Electronic Sports World Cup

The ESWC was created by Ligarena company, and gained its name in 2003 when the company wanted to make a larger version of your competition, which until then was called LAN Arena. Today the company is called Games-Services, but the rights of the competition were sold for Games-Solution.

Jogadores disputam as finais da ESWC em 2006(Foto: Reprodução/ compete for the finals of the ESWC in 2006
As the World Cyber Games, the participants are selected in national competitions. The event is annual and largest edition of the event took place in 2010, with more than 50 participating countries and a total prize of € 213,500.00 (over 550 thousand reais).

Major League Gaming

Major League Gaming was founded in 2002 by Sundance DiGiovanni and Mike Sepso and is totally focused organization for e-sports, located in New York. The company hosts events that take place throughout Canada and the United States. Some games have been televised by and other streaming sites. Eventually the MLG invests in television productions and game development, and now owns the Games.

Centenas de pessoas assistindo ao circuito profissional (Foto: Reprodução/Goodnight Raleigh)Hundreds of people watching the professional circuit
Most professional circuit games are PC and PS3, as Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Mortal Kombat 9, Soul Calibur 5, King of Fighters XIII and Call of Duty Black Ops 2. The maximum awards event usually in around US $ 150,000.00. The success of the events is so great that certain MLG issues have had more viewers live than some of the greatest NBA matches.

World eSports Games

The event was created in 2005 by the South Korean Paul Chong. Although at the beginning occur at irregular intervals since 2008 the tournament is held annually. The main types of event are Counter-Strike, Starcraft, and Warcraft League of Legends 3. All participants are often South Koreans, and the games are broadcast on television.

Logomarca do evento (Foto: Divulgação)Event logo (Reuters)
Despite the media coverage, this is a minor event and usually have a small number of participants. The awards of the World eSports Games have reached US $ 138,000.00 in a single edition.

The World Series of Video Games

The event was created in 2006 by the American company Games Media Properties, and follow the international model used in 2005 by Cyberathlete Professional League tournaments with 6 games on 6 different places in the world. The competition is considered a spiritual successor to the worldwide version of the CPL, because it was created with the help of the same main sponsor of the event, Intel.

O evento é sempre patrocinado pela Intel (Foto: Reprodução/Jean-Luc David)O event is always sponsored by Intel
The competitions usually happen in the United States, China, Britain and Canada, and run around the Counter-Strike games, Warcraft 3 and Quake 4. The event has some arrangements for Xbox, but these are open only to Americans. The amount of awards delivered in a single issue has come to US $ 750,000.00

Evolution Championship Series

The EVO is the most awaited event for the fighting game lovers. The competition was founded in 1996 by Tom Cannon and then called Battle By The Bay, with 40 participants, who competed in the games Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. The tournament only came to be known as EVO in 2002. In the years that have passed the event grew, and, and had an amazing brand of almost two thousand participants in 2010.

Competidores e espectadores assistindo as competições (Foto: Reprodução/Kotaku)Competitors and spectators watching the competitions
Originally, only arcade machines were used, but in 2004 the decision was taken to use only the version of consoles, more practical to train participants in their homes. Today the competition uses only games in versions of Playstation 3.

The next edition of EVO, which takes place in July, will Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter 4 AE, Soul Calibur 5, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Persona 4 Arena, Street Fighter Vs Tekken, King of Fighters XIII and Super Smash Bros. Melee. The most anticipated appearances often Daigo and Justin Wong, famous for holding true prowess in tournaments. The main prize of each game usually reach US $ 20,000.00.